Now Casting: Earn $4,500 for a Feature Film + 3 More Gigs

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“Don’t Take My Life Away,” a cat-and-mouse-chase feature film, is seeking actors for a trio of lead roles. Plus, a high-paying international hotel chain shoot, a film centered around a retired spy, and a Kentucky tourism shoot are seeking talent today.

“Don’t Take My Life Away”

Join the cast of “Don’t Take My Life Away,” a feature film that follows 12-year-old Catherine as she runs away from home after her father kills her mother and forms a lifelong bond with Kelly and Christy. Twenty years later, Kelly gets in way over her head and teams up with her childhood friends and older sister to help win a cash prize to get her out of town. Three actors, aged 27–35, are wanted for the lead roles of Kelly, Christy, and Samantha. Special skills, such as singing, martial arts, and more, will be required for the role of Christy. Filming will take place over 20 days in October and/or November in Los Angeles. Pay is $300 per day for up to 15 days of work with airfare, lodging, and transportation to and from the airport and set provided.

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Beautiful Hotels: Dubai

Beautiful Destinations is seeking a Black male model in New York City, age 25–35, for an international hotel chain shoot in Dubai, U.A.E. Talent will travel and work in Dubai on Oct. 7–14. Pay is $2,500 with all travel, meals, and accommodations provided.

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7,” a film centered around a retired spy, is seeking talent, aged 20–50, for various supporting roles. Filming will take place in November in Connecticut. Pay is $200 per day for five days of work.

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Bowling Green, Kentucky Fall 2023 Shoot

Models, aged 40–55, are wanted for a tourism shoot for Bowling Green, Kentucky. Shoots will take place on Nov. 15–16 in Bowling Green. Pay is $500 per day.

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