Now Casting: Earn $5,000 Starring in a Melodrama Feature + 3 More Gigs

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Wrap up your week with today’s top gigs! Find your next lead role in an intense and emotional melodrama, casting various roles for fall shoots. Plus, commercials for home services companies, a short buddy satire, and a start-up wine company shoot are casting today.

“Texas Weather”

Casting is underway for “Texas Weather,” a feature film about a year in the life of a Dallas family rocked by divorce as the middle-aged father falls in love with a younger man, the mother reconnects with a friend from her past, and their teenage children seek their own passions. Actors, aged 18–50, are wanted for leads and supporting roles. Filming will take place this fall in Dallas and Austin, Texas. Pay is $2,500–$5,000 for up to 21 days of work with credit and meals provided.

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Home Services Commercial, July Shoots

Two Texas-based actors, aged 30–55, are wanted to play a homeowner and a home service technician in commercial shoots for home services companies. Talent will work on July 8, 10, and/or 15 in the Dallas area. Pay is $900 per day for up to three days of work.

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“Super Wedding Bros”

Join the cast of “Super Wedding Bros,” a satirical short dramedy about “a best-bud videography duo confronting the potential end of their friendship amid the phony, soul-sucking chaos of a wedding shoot.” New York City or Philadelphia-based talent, aged 20–60, is wanted for various roles, including the starring roles of Andrew and Jamie. Rehearsals will take place in Philadelphia and NYC with filming in the Greater Philadelphia area, dates TBD. Pay is $750–$1,200 for up to five days of work.

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Start-Up Wine Company Commercial

Two Pennsylvania-based actors, aged 25–65, are wanted to play an Italian wine connoisseur and his date in a commercial for a start-up wine company. Talent will work in Chester County/the Greater Philadelphia area with dates TBD. Pay is $500. 

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