Now Casting: Earn $2,000 for a Starbucks Summer Campaign + 3 More Gigs

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In today’s casting roundup, Starbucks is seeking actors, models, and more for its upcoming Summer campaign. Plus, a short thriller on set, a children’s show, a dark comedy, and an electric vehicle commercial series are casting talent today!

Starbucks Summer Campaign

Hand models, actors, and other talent, aged 18–40, are wanted for a Starbucks Summer 2024 campaign. Visible hand and arm tattoos will not be permitted. Talent will work on March 25–27 in Los Angeles. Pay is $400–$900 plus 20% for the session and $1,500 plus 20% for usage if used in the final product (usage for background talent is not guaranteed). 

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“Mr. Williams’ Town”

Join the cast of “Mr. Williams’ Town,” a short film about a beloved 1990s children’s show host who springs into action as his crew is taken hostage on the last night of production. Actors, aged 22–60, are wanted for lead roles in the short, including the starring role of Mr. Williams. Talent will work in Bloomington, Indiana, and its surrounding areas with dates TBD. Pay is $100 per day for up to six days of work, with gas expenses and meals provided.

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“Coo-Wee,” Paid Roles in Dark Comedy

NYCTOKYO Productions is seeking talent for “Coo-Wee,” a fantastical, dark comedy about brain-swapping in the monotony of modern-day America. Actors, aged 20–80, are wanted for a lead role and multiple supporting roles. Rehearsals and filming will take place in New York City with dates TBD. Pay is $150 per day for two days of work, with travel and meals provided.

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Electric Vehicle Commercial Series

Actors, aged 4–70, are wanted for various roles in a series of four short electric vehicle commercials featuring entertaining stories of common problems encountered by EV owners. Additionally, production is seeking a voice actor, age 18 or older, for the narrator. Talent will work remotely or in New Jersey. Pay is $150–$300 per day for up to two days of work, with mileage reimbursement and lunch expenses provided.

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