15 (Not So Obvious) Reasons Why Being an Actor Is Awesome

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Sometimes being an actor is really difficult. But it's also awesome. Here are 15 ways that being an actor is the greatest job in the world and why you are lucky to be a part of it!

1. You have a job that inherently sounds cool. “What do you do?” “Oh, me? I’m an actor!”

2. You get to live in “the city”—be New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago.

3. Actors are generally more interesting than tax accountants.

4. Your friends are usually RIDICULOUSLY good looking.

5. Actors are usually not shy with their bodies.

6. You know how to look great in photos.

7. You sometimes get to pretend to be a badass for a living.

8. You loved and accepted your gay friends before it was cool.

9. You are always prepared to blow the doors off the place during karaoke.

10. You get to access—and play around with—emotions most people don’t even know they have.

11. You know how to break it down at a wedding.

12. There is really no gentle way to say it: Actors are usually great in the sack.

13. You can look smart by quoting Shakespeare.

14. You have unbelievably thick skin from constantly dealing with rejection.

15. You actually know what it feels like to follow your dreams. (Most people don’t.)