Patrick Wilson On the Cover of Backstage This Week!

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Patrick Wilson graces our cover this week, and he chatted with Backstage about reprising his role as astral projecting father Josh Lambert in "Insidious: Chapter 2," out Sept. 13. Check out a sneak peek of the feature below!

Patrick Wilson On Returning to Broadway

Though he dismisses the idea of doing the “Magic Mike” musical, Patrick Wilson has been looking for a project to bring him back to Broadway. “It’s hard to find a good role. It’s hard to find a good show,” he says. “For me, when I do theater, I’m not just gonna do it for a month. You gotta dig in. It’s just really got to be worth it. Otherwise I’m putting my kids to bed one night a week, and that sucks for me. It just has to be really, really, really worth it. And it just hasn’t been yet.”

Still, Wilson has his eye on a few potential shows. After all, musicals were what launched his career—in addition to Backstage, which Wilson credits for his first big break after seeing an open call notice for a national tour of “Carousel.” He went, sang 16 bars of “Soliloquy,” and got the part. “That’s such a great Backstage story,” he says. “This is the only business you can still do it. I went to an open call, sang 16 bars, and spent 16 months playing the lead. So it happens! It does happen!”