The 12 People You Meet at an Audition

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As actors, you meet as many different people as the different roles you audition for. However, there is that select group of people that just keep popping up at your audition. And while the process can be frustrating, sometimes you just need a good laugh about it! The right person will get the role anyway. Right?

1. Your twin. (Like, what's the point of calling both of you in?)

2. Your opposite. (Wait, who is the casting director even looking for?)

3. Person you have already seen at five auditions this week.

4. Your audition partner-in-crime. (You are actually excited to see this person.)

5. The stage mom...

6...And her rowdy children.

7. Person who is purposefully talking loudly about all their bookings and callbacks.

8. Person who wants to know about all your bookings and callbacks.

9. Person who is practicing very loudly in the corner so you can't concentrate.

10. Person who can't stop asking the monitor questions.

11. Person who won't stop trying to make small talk with you.

12. Famous/established person who you are convinced will get the the role.

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