In the end, Girl Power Productions's powerhouse "Pigeon" performs much like its namesake: The production soars, but it always knows the way back home. Actress/writer/producer Kim Kuhteubl's work is terrific on all fronts, and the fast-moving performance is nicely rounded out with appropriate lighting and a clever bass accompaniment that builds both mood and character.

Kuhteubl's dialogue acts as a divining rod to the psyche of an unreliable narrator. Whipping from comic to pitiable in the space of a breath, Kuhteubl's Dee Dee is an engaging, memorable character. "Pigeon's" voyeuristic audience enjoys an edgy view into the mind of woman who swings wildly between love/hate extremes with herself, her ambiguous boyfriend and the nest of pigeons on her balcony.

We discover that she's turning 30, accompanied by none of the accomplishments she expected. Without career, husband, baby, or a trip to Spain under her belt, Dee Dee obsesses about her unmet goals, her "administrative entrepreneur" duties and the electricity that inspires her frightening health paranoia.

Simultaneously grounded and off-kilter, Dee Dee is that woman who stands in the bathroom stall and smokes. That office temp who couldn't give a damn whether your call goes to voice mail or not. That shifty-eyed woman who lives alone in the apartment below you. And thanks to Kuhteubl, it's a joy to finally meet her.