What Do You Have Planned for Your Tony Acceptance Speech?

"Everyone in this room knows that actors don't really compete with one another. It's more like golf: You're competing with yourself to deliver your best work under pressure. That said, it's enormously gratifying to be singled out like this, especially in a year with so many great performances. Besides the very long list of people who made this possible, I want to specifically thank my teacher, Freddy Kareman, who made an actor of me, and my wonderful wife and children, for their love and support and extraordinary patience with this sometimes crazy life. Thank you." —Scott Winters, Providence, R.I.

"My big break came in 1989 when Mrs. Williamson cast me as Mortimer the Mouse in my elementary school play, You Can Make a Difference. Clearly, I was the only student who could do a British accent. The first Sunday in June has held a dear spot in my heart ever since. If honored, I would say, 'I can't take all the credit for this. Thank you, Mom, Dad, Katie, Kendra, Newman, Stina, Beane-Fox, Mathis, Miss Mass, and, of course, Mrs. Williamson. It's a dream come true.' "

—Kevin Thomas Garcia, Cape May, N.J.

"I can only imagine what I'd say if I should—oh, I don't know—tackle Stockard Channing on the way to the podium. It could happen—I'm actually performing in 'Dancing Queen' at the Tonys as part of the Mamma Mia! tour. Anyway, if I'm ever lucky enough to take the prize legitimately, here's my speech: 'Thank you, security, for letting me in the building; craft services, for not asking me to wait tables; every arrogant, jealous ass who said this would never happen; the mad science of genetics, for gifting me with impeccable comic timing; my family, for always believing in the cute, chubby, funny little girl. Thanks!' P.S.: No need to warn Stockard's people. I'll behave, probably."

—Kittra Coomer, Sumner, Wash.