Primetime Placements on TV Jumped 30% in 2005

The number of product placements on network primetime television jumped about 30% in 2005 to 106,808, up from 82,014 the previous year, according to Nielsen Media Research's product placement tracking service Place Views.

The total duration of product placements on network primetime rose 22%, from 157 hours in 2004 to about 191 hours last year. Visual onscreen placements increased 33.5%, from 64,920 to 86,668, while brand mentions rose 24%, from 19,876 to 24,723.

The 10 TV shows with the most product placement in 2005, measured in terms of total duration, were "The Contender" (NBC), "Fear Factor" (NBC), "American Idol" (Fox), "The King of Queens" (CBS), "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (ABC), "The Apprentice" (NBC), "The Amazing Race Family Edition" (CBS), "What I Like About You" (WB Network), "The Amazing Race" (CBS) and "Yes, Dear" (CBS). "Contender," from reality and brand integration maven Mark Burnett, scored a total of 7,514 brand occurrences in just 15 telecasts, compared with "American Idol's" 3,497 occurrences in 43 telecasts and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's" 3,318 occurrences in 73 telecasts.

Five of the top 10 programs -- "Fear Factor," "American Idol," "King of Queens," "The Apprentice" and "Amazing Race" -- also were on the top 10 list of 2004.

The 10 brands that scored the most placements on network primetime last year in terms of total duration were NetZero, Coca-Cola Classic, GMC Trucks, Everlast Apparel, Nike Apparel, Chevrolet Trucks, Ford Autos, Ford Trucks, Everlast Sporting Equipment and Chef Revival Apparel. Six of the brands made it on to the top 10 list for the second consecutive year. They were NetZero, Coca-Cola Classic, Nike Apparel, Ford Autos, GMC Trucks and Ford Trucks. Pepsi-Cola, Lincoln Autos, AT&T Wireless (now Cingular) and Nike Air Jordan Apparel were among the brands that didn't reprise their 2004 top 10 performance last year.

Gail Schiller writes for The Hollywood Reporter.

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