Publicist Jordyn Palos on What Makes a Dream Client

Photo Source: Harry Lang

What do you look for in a client?
On TV, a series regular or heavily recurring. In film, I’m looking for someone with a strong supporting role. A lot of actors jump the gun and hire a publicist too soon and waste a lot of money and have a bad taste in their mouth about what we do.

What advice do you give clients before interviews?
Focus on your stories. Think ahead of two or three stories that will set you apart. Just think about cool things that happened on set, the people you’ve loved working with, even stories about growing up or something cool that happened to you yesterday. Just things that the viewers and the readers will find interesting.

What can clients do to keep you happy?
When I hear an actor say, “I trust your opinion, and you’re the expert in what you do, and I’ll listen to you and let you guide me,” that’s a dream client.

“I trust you and your opinion; let’s rock ’n’ roll.” Amazing. A lot of it is just being a good person. Sometimes actors can achieve a lot of success quickly and can forget where they came from, but what can create longevity is being thankful. And when you forget to be thankful to your agent, your manager, your publicist, that’s when you become a nightmare.

Jordyn Palos formed boutique public relations firm Persona PR in 2010.