Read the Entire Script Before the Audition

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When auditioning, a really common mistake is to not read the entire script. Oftentimes actors will just look at the lines for their own character. When you arrive at an audition, the first thing you should do is read the full script. If it is not there, ask to take a look at it. Then ask yourself these questions: Where does the scene take place? What’s the tone? How many characters are in the scene? Are there characters who have no dialogue? If it is mine, how will I stand out? Sometimes, less is more! Notice what the product is—what is the copy selling? This doesn’t mean be sales-y; it just means be aware. It’s very common that I’ll have to break up a scene into many parts for an audition. For example, a piece of copy might have 10 roles all in one scene, but I might audition the roles all separately to give the client an opportunity to focus on each actor. Understand how your role fits into the piece as a whole. It’s very important to realize when the focus of the script is not on your character. Always remember to put just as much acting work into a commercial audition as you would a theatrical audition. Those are the performances that truly stand out.