Real Life "How We First Met" Stories Played Out

With Valentines Day just around the corner, thoughts turn to love. And the folks behind "How We First Met" are on the lookout for modern day love stories. Whether your relationship is like Romeo and Juliet or Harold and Maude, they'd like to portray your tale on stage.

This Valentine's Day, the improvised romantic comedy, "How We First Met" will play in over a dozen independent improv theater companies around the world. In the show, real-life couples share their love stories, which are improvised onstage.

"We interview couples live in front of the audience and actors improvise their stories right on the spot," says the show's creator Jill Bourque. "It's funny because it's truthful and the audience can relate to their stories. It's also enlightening because there are moments when the couples reveal very profound aspects of their relationship."

Online dating service has partnered with the show to help find couples in selected cities. The improv groups are looking for couples to be in the show and welcome everyone: gay straight, young, old, liberal, conservative and everything in-between. Visit for details