17 Reasons You Weren't Cast

Photo Source: Shutterstock

No matter how bad you may want the part, sometimes it just isn't meant to be. But take heart, because there are many reasons that they may have "gone another way."

1. You showed up late and pissed off the CD.

2. Your British accent is not as good as your resume says.

3. Maybe you are not as tall as you said you were.

4. Or maybe you are TOO tall for the leading man.

5. Perhaps you have not come to terms with your type.

6. You can’t REALLY ride a horse like your resume says.

7. The actor you told off a few years ago is now a director…for the show you are auditioning for.

8. You chose the completely wrong song.

9. You showed up a little too much in costume.

10. You went too far and tried to kiss the reader.

11. Perhaps your interpretation of the role was more flamboyant than they were looking for.

12. They need someone with more combat training.

13. They needed an actor who already had a beard.

14. You indicated that you were not comfortable with nudity.

15. One of the other actors really impressed them with one of their special skills.

16. Maybe you asked for too much money.

17. At the end of the day, the other actor was just better suited for the lead role. Nothing personal.