11 Reasons Why Realizing You Want to Be an Actor Is Like Finding Out You Are a Wizard

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Always wanted your life to be just like Harry Potter? Well, if you're an actor, it probably is! (Sort of.) Here are some similarities between finding out you're a wizard and finding out you're an actor.

1. You spend most of your adolescence feeling out of place because you have, um, different interests from your friends…like showtunes and the Oscars.

2. You realize that you have a special power…to entertain!

3. You eventually find yourself at a school that teaches exotic courses that none of your “muggle” friends have to take … like Creative Concepts and Modern Dance.

4. You realize that the school is divided into four “teams”—actors, dancers, stage managers, and techies.

5. Your professors are all eccentric and many have foreign accents.

6. You end up making some of the best friends of your life.

7. You probably experiment with some “gillyweed.”

8. And also drink a lot of “butterbeer.”

9. Every event at school seems to involve a theme and some extreme level of pageantry.

10. You will always have that one professor that hates your work—no matter what you do.

11. But when you are finished, you are ready to cast your spell on the world.

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