Remote Casting Allows the Show to Go on During a Pandemic

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Over the last few months, every industry in the world has experienced massive change and the need to adapt to the new normal presented by COVID-19. Nowhere is this more true than the entertainment industry, where in-person auditions and productions have been the norm ever since the birth of Hollywood. Though remote casting was already increasingly popular pre-pandemic, the trend toward virtual auditions and content creation has accelerated rapidly in recent weeks.  

Recently, Backstage teamed up with Digiday to take a closer look at trends in remote casting; what we found was inspiring and heartening. “Projects are still being made,” said Fabianne Meyer, casting producer at First Media US. “[The industry] is looking for ways to keep casting; it’s about finding more creative ways to do it.”

One of those creative ways is via Backstage’s casting platform, which allows brands and their agency partners to post casting notices for remote or self-tape auditions, and then plan and coordinate remote performances. These tools offer performers, agencies, and production pros alike the opportunity to interact, submit content, and search and select talent seamlessly, all from home. It’s a process that caters to fluid and interactive engagements as brands seek ads and content to distribute quickly. 

So while studios and audition rooms are closed, there’s still plenty of work to be had and projects to be made. And though remote casting and creation tools are proving crucial to the current situation, all signs point to these practices shifting from a pandemic necessity to an industry standard in the future. 

“We will definitely consider casting remotely in the future, based on the time efficiency and success we’re seeing during this time,” said Chris King, creative director at digital agency Bamboo. Ideas that seemed crazy a few months ago may be just the strategy needed.”

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