8 Remote Side Hustles to Earn Some Extra Cash

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We all know about Starbucks and retail, but what about side hustles you can do from home? Even if you don't want to pay your bills mixing up macchiatos, there are still ways to buoy your bank account through remote work as you wait for your next gig (sweatpants are optional, if not encouraged). 

Copyediting and/or fact-checking

As we all know, the internet is a rapidly moving entity, and there is frequently (for better or worse) a push to be first. Sometimes, a superfluous “t” gets in there, or that senator was actually elected in 1988, not ’89. That’s where you come in; all you need is a seriously scrupulous eye, a search engine, and access to a style guide (AP Style, APA Style, CMS, or MLA, for example, depending on the outlet’s preference). 

Data entry

It’s boring and it’s hardly going to be the leading chapter in your memoir, but it’s tried and true and you can do it from your bed. What else do you need to know? 

Freelance software work

As actors, you should be very used to the notion of freelancing. After all, is being an actor not also spending life as a freelancer? But when people hear “freelance,” they usually just think writing, but there are tons of other freelance services needed these days, most of which can be done with nominal software knowledge; this includes photo and video editing, and simple design work.

Online tutoring

Education is always in demand and there are tons of programs matching tutors with students

Paid surveys

It’s not the most glamorous, but there are tons of surveys out there that will pay you for partaking. The bright side: This is the kind of task that can usually be done while listening to music or even a podcast so rev up a playlist. Survey Junkie is a great place to start. 


This one is as straightforward as it gets: Type out audio or video files, usually billed on an X-dollars/minute basis. Clients will also frequently pay higher rates if your turnaround is quicker so crack those knuckles and get to typing.

User-testing websites

Have you ever been organically perusing and thought, “Wow, this website is terrible”? Well, you’re in luck, because you can now put your shady opinions to use for actual money! Tons of websites need feedback from engaged users and your opinion is not only valid but could actually have an impact on the user experience for a given site.  

Virtual assistant

Assisting someone is a history-old way to get by, but even in these times when you can’t necessarily be fetching coffee for a boss, those higher-ups are still in need of assistance from a virtual standpoint. Specifically, think about the nuisance that is email correspondence—now, you can be hired to take that load off someone else’s digital plate. (No one ever said capitalism was perfect.) 

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