Sacred Fools Theater Company

Among L.A.'s most daring and respected companies, Sacred Fools was formed 14 years ago, when current board member John Sylvain gathered a handful of friends in his living room to brainstorm. Managing director Padraic Duffy, who has worked with Center Theatre Group and the Geffen Playhouse, has been involved with Sacred Fools since 1999. "When I started to get to know the Equity-waiver scene in town, I soon discovered that Sacred Fools was a great fit for me," says Duffy.

The company has staged about 80 mainstage productions, but, adds Duffy, "If you include late-night, off-night, and workshops, that number balloons to close to 400." The non-dues-paying membership currently numbers almost 100, representing all theatrical disciplines.

Of the company's artistic charter, Duffy says: "We are definitely eclectic and adventurous. We tend to do work that reflects our name—being delightfully foolish, while never letting go of what is magical and sacred about theater. Although not limited to it, we value original work and try to foster our members in their artistic development. It's through experimentation and practice that one can discover and hone one's skills. The company is growing, both in membership and as an organization, and this seems to be reflected in the consistent work we have been doing."

Back Stage reader and actor Vivian Kerr, who appeared in "Madness in Valencia" at Sacred Fools two years ago, is also a fan. She praises the company's "consistently high production values," saying, "I try to see every mainstage show at the Fools."

Sacred Fools Theater Company, 660 N. Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90004; (310) 281-8337;


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