SAG, Saban Reach Kids Pact

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Saban Entertainment have reached an agreement on live-action children's television production. The pact resulted from SAG's "labor dispute" with the kids' TV producer earlier this year.

A joint release from the two parties called the contract "precedent setting," but failed to explain why; nor did it contain the contract's terms or conditions. A call to SAG for specifics wasn't returned by press time.

But the release did say the contract had been approved by SAG's national executive committee following on-going negotiations between Saban's and SAG's teams, including Richard Masur, SAG's national president; Ken Orsatti, the guild's national executive director, and John McGuire, a SAG board member.

In February, Masur and Orsatti wrote a letter to SAG members, ordering them to "immediately" cease working or auditioning for Saban, and declaring the producer "unfair to performers" through "failure to meet industry standards for pay, benefits and working conditions."

A few days later, all was well. The two sides resumed talks