Sagittarius: Actor Horoscope for March

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SAGITARRIUS (November 22 – December 21

Never one to shy from adventure, this month offers no dearth of opportunities for expansive Sagittarians who’ve been feeling a bit hemmed in. While the thrust of March may be on career and creativity, it seems this burst forward has been a long time coming.

A lot of energy and focus has been centered around home and family concerns, perhaps making you somewhat more of a hermit than usual. The time for healing conversations, cleaning skeletons out of the closet, and letting go of any old wounds and scars (or at least, having a greater awareness of old, self-defeating narratives) arrives through bouts of synchronistic and heart-altering epiphanies, most acute in and around March 4. A new world of clarity, compassion, and inner connection has cracked opened and has you excited about feeling into fresh modes of expression.

This cleansing soulfulness has released an immense amount of creative energy that can be put to good use this month if you apply yourself and pay attention to your spidey sense. There’s another cluster of planets (Mars, Uranus, and Venus) lighting up your 5th House of recreation, creativity, and pleasure, and likely has you hellbent on shaking things up through a project. If your newfound fascination feels uncertain, wild, or downright ludicrous, you’re probably on the right track.

Meanwhile, your North Node (your soul’s North Star or guiding light) has been in worker bee, detail-oriented Virgo and your 10th House of status and career, encouraging you to follow through on larger-than-life plans with pragmatic steps. Cut from the cloth of faith-filled, swashbuckling Jupiter, you’ve naturally got the inspiration and boundless spirit part down. It’s the 99 percent perspiration from focusing on your work through a realist’s eyes that has your loftier visions come into focus. You’ll have that playful, experimental energy this month that opens doors—just keep your eye on the prize so you know which ones to keep open, and which to close.

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