Earn $3,000 Per Month Starring in an Arthouse Sci-Fi Comedy + More Gigs

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Calling all sci-fi fans: If you’re hoping to find a gig that features post-apocalyptic storylines or other out-of-this-world elements, you’ve come to the right place. Every week, we update this roundup to include the latest sci-fi casting calls in the industry. From a feature film to an arthouse comedy, these are today’s biggest gigs. 


Firefly Pictures is seeking talent for the sci-fi feature film “Prana.” A female actor, aged 18–35, is wanted to play the lead role of Zara. Rehearsals will take place online with exact filming locations and dates TBD. Pay is $2,000–$3,000 per month for two months of work with travel, hotel, and other expenses covered.

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“I’m With You”

Casting is underway for “I’m With You,” a short sci-fi/drama film about a mute nurse who cares deeply for the dying woman she lives with, but after a miscommunication with her client, she’s forced to decide if she should break the one forbidden rule of the job: going outside. Two female actors who know ASL, aged 20–28, are wanted for the starring roles. Filming will take place on Dec. 10 in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Pay is $150 with travel expenses, meals, and credit provided.

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“Eye Contact”

Join the cast of “Eye Contact,” an arthouse sci-fi comedy about a lonely alien in Los Angeles who is here to visit and learn for his species, who require eye contact for physical nourishment. A male actor, aged 35–60, is wanted to play the starring role of the alien. Additionally, two actors, aged 18–27, are wanted for day player roles. Filming will take place on Dec. 13–17 in Los Angeles. Pay is $150 per day for day player roles and $350 per day for the lead role with travel and food/coffee provided on set.

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“The Chip”

Casting is underway for “The Chip,” a sci-fi/organized crime drama podcast series happening mostly in 2050 with flashbacks from the 20th century. Voice talent, aged 20 and older, is wanted for various roles, including the narrator. The recording will take place remotely or in London. Pay is $50–$300 for four hours of work.

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“Space to Breathe”

Join the cast of “Space to Breathe,” a hybrid science fiction documentary about a future free of prisons and police. Three Black or multiracial actors, aged 18–30, are wanted for the lead roles of Sojo, MO4R, and Namu. Filming will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, in March. Pay is $200 per day with travel and lodging provided.

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“The Traveler’s Helper”

Join the cast of “The Traveler’s Helper,” a new sci-fi drama. Connecticut-based talent, aged 18–85, is wanted for various roles, including the lead roles of Costello and Sophie. Filming will take place on Feb. 17–19 in Connecticut. Pay is $50–$500 for up to three days of work with transportation and travel expenses negotiable.

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Join the cast of “2,” an independently produced new media series that’s a mix of psychological thriller, classic tragedy, urban fantasy, and modern-day myth. Actors, aged 8–75, are wanted for various on-camera and voiceover roles, including the starring roles of Hope and Dowan. The project is also hiring several crew positions, including first and second assistant directors, costume supervisors, and more. Rehearsals will take place in California and/or Nevada, with the first season filming in early 2023 in Nevada. Pay is undisclosed by the production; travel, meals, and lodging are provided.

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“Henchin” (Online Series)

Casting is underway for “Henchin,” a Kickstarter-funded sci-fi–comedy web series about the lives of henchpeople in a city full of super-powered individuals. Talent, aged 18 and older, is wanted for lead and supporting roles. Filming will take place in Austin, Texas, in early December. Pay is $100–$200 per day for up to five days of work, with meals provided.

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Immersive Theater Dark Sci-Fi Experience

Brooklyn-based startup Unshut is seeking a performer of any gender, aged 24–34, to play a hacker in an interactive, dark sci-fi experience. A background in immersive theater and/or dramatic improv is a plus. Talent will work in New York City. Pay is TBD, with the potential for a full-time salaried position after the project launches in January.

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