How to Self-Release Music With Bandcamp

If you've recorded your own music, podcast, or voiceover track, one of the best mediums to share, stream, sell and distribute your tracks is Bandcamp. Bandcamp's payment options, ease of use and high sound quality capacity make it the best of the independent online music stores. Setting up an account and publishing music to the site is incredibly easy.

First, you'll want to set up a Bandcamp account. Sign up is free and only requires an email address. Setting up an account will provide you with a Bandcamp microsite (, which you'll be able to tweak with your own designs, colors and artwork.

After you create an account, upload your music. You can upload tracks individually, or group them into an album. Bandcamp requires tracks to be either WAV (.wav), AIFF (.aiff) or FLAC (.flac) files. Although these files are much larger than MP3s, these formats are lossless, meaning that the quality of the recording isn't compromised when compressed for download. Audio editing software will allow you to save your recordings in WAV and AIFF formats, and preexisting tracks can also be converted easily using iTunes.

If you'd like to offer your music for purchase, you'll have to set a price for each track and/or album. Through Bandcamp, you can choose to offer your music for free, name-your-own-price or any fixed price. Bandcamp takes a revenue share of 15 percent on digital purchases. They also offer the option of selling merchandise, like T-shirts and posters, which includes a revenue share of 10 percent going to Bandcamp. More information on pricing can be found on their website.