Where to Send Your One-Acts

Compiled and updated by David Fairhurst and B.L. Rice

American Theatre of Actors, Inc.

314 W. 54 St.

New York, NY 10019

(212) 581-3044

James Jennings, artistic dir.

[Ongoing submissions; one-act festival performances June 5-Sept. 25, 2003; no application fee; 30-45 mins. in length; 27th year]

(Special interests: prefer naturalistic drama and comedy)

Actors Theatre of Louisville

National Ten-Minute Play Contest

316 West Main St.

Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 584-1265

Website: www.actorstheatre.org/10minute_plays.htm

Tanya Palmer, literary mgr.

Amy Wegener, dramaturg/dir. of new play development

[Deadline: postmarked by Dec. 1; no fee; manuscripts no more than 10 pages long; only one script per playwright; winner is announced the following fall]

(Special interests: cast size of three or more, age range 18-28, minimal sets, props, and costumes)

Bailiwick Repertory Theatre

Bailiwick Arts Center

1229 West Belmont

Chicago, IL 60657-3205

(773) 883-1090

Email: bailiwickr@aol.com

Website: www.bailiwick.org

[The one-act program for the Bailiwick is its Directors Festival; directors submit new pieces to showcase their work; while writers can submit one-acts directly to the company, those most likely to be produced are submitted by the directors; for details on submission guidelines, visit the website]

(Special interests: Directors Festival themes include: "Kids of All Kinds" [Aug.]; "With Music/Without Words" [short musical or movement pieces in Sept./Oct.]; "Chicago Works" [new works by Chicago writers, Jan./Feb.]; "Translations/Adaptations" [March/April]; and "GLBT Briefs" [July])

Broad Horizons Theatre Company, Inc.

P.O. Box 2197, Times Square Station

New York, NY 10036

Website: www.bhorizons.org

Lewis Magruder, artistic dir.

Mark Dundas Wood, dramaturg

[Accepts submissions year-round; $15 processing fee; company develops one-act plays through on-going reading series and produces workshop productions of selected scripts; playwrights must be able to attend casting and rehearsal sessions; honorariums offered to playwrights selected for readings]

Camino Real Playhouse

ShowOff! Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival

31776 El Camino Real

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

(949) 248-0808

Website: www.caminorealplayhouse.org/festival.html

Tom Scott, dir.

[Deadline: June 15; $5 entry fee; plays must be able to be performed in 10 minutes; scripts will not be returned; include contact information on script; all submissions acknowledged]

(Special interests: any subject matter; musicals and plays specifically for children are not considered)

City Theatre

444 Brickell Ave., Ste. 229

Miami, FL 33131

(305) 755-9401

Email: info@citytheatre.com

Website: www.citytheatre.com

[Deadline: Sept. 30; plays should be 15 minutes or less; limit two scripts per playwright; must be typed in standard format and stapled; the company notifies playwrights only if it is interested in producing; for more details on submission guidelines, visit website]

(Special interests: multicultural acting company; short musicals welcome; bilingual plays encouraged)

CollaborAction Theatre Company

Sketchbook 2003

2046 W. Carroll

Chicago, IL 60612

(312) 226-9633

Website: www.collaboraction.org

[Deadline: May 15; for detailed guidelines and web submission form, go to www.collaboraction.org/sk_submission/writer_guidesx.asp]

Cunningham Productions

c/o Readers Stationery

61 Fourth Ave.

New York, NY 10003

(212) 802-4955

[Deadline: July 15; no fee; 10-15 min. play length]

The Drilling Company

107 W. 82 St., #1A

New York, NY 10024

(212) 414-7717

Email: DrillingCompany@aol.com

Website: www.drillingcompany.org

Hamilton Clancy, artistic dir.

Karen Kitz, producing associate

[Accepts submissions year-round; primary mission involves commissioning playwrights to create new short plays for theme-related projects that are presented throughout the year; the company is in residence at the 78th Street Theatre Lab]

Emerging Artists Theatre Company

518 Ninth Ave., Suite 2

New York, NY 10018

(212) 627-5792

Website: www.eatheatre.org

Paul Adams, artistic dir.

[Deadline for fall: July 15; open submissions; fall fest, 10-20 min. plays, and spring fest, 20-50 min. plays; only plays not yet produced in NYC]

(Special interests: one-acts 20 pages or less)

Ensemble Studio Theatre

Literary Department

549 W. 52 St.

New York, NY 10019

(212) 247-4982

Website: www.ensemblestudiotheatre.org

Curt Dempster, artistic dir.

Tom Rowan, literary mgr.

[Deadline for Marathon of One-Act Plays: Nov. 8; no fee; plays should be 10-45 mins. long; enclose SASE for reply; for additional guidelines, visit the website]

(Special program: Annual Marathon of One-Act Plays presented in May)

First Stage

PO Box 38280

Los Angeles, CA 90038

(323) 850-6271

Email: firststagela@aol.com

Website: www.firststagela.org

Dennis Safren, literary mgr.

[For One-Act Play Contest, deadline: Sept. 15; plays 30 mins. or less; required tax-deductible $10 donation to First Stage; winner and two runners-up receive a staged reading with judges from the L.A. area. For Playwrights Express festival, deadline: March 1; annual fundraiser of 100-plus plays of less than 15 mins. each; performances last two weekends in April, Sat. and Sun.; $40 tax-deductible required donation; guaranteed a one-hour rehearsal and script-in-hand performance. For each program, email, visit website, or send SASE for entry guidelines]

(Special programs: annual One-Act Play Contest and Playwrights Express festival)

Gallery Players

Black Box New Play Festival

199 14th St.

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Attn: Heather Curran, prod?r

(718) 595-0547

Email: galleryblackbox@hotmail.com

Website: www.galleryplayers.com

[Deadline: Feb. 1; Black Box New Play Festival held four weeks in June; previously unproduced one-act plays between 10 minutes and one hour long; playwrights must be from tristate area and available to attend several workshop sessions and rehearsals; send SASE for submission guidelines and also SASE for script returns]

Lamia Ink! One-Page Play Competition

PO Box 202

Prince Street Station

New York, NY 10012

(212) 978-4413

Cortland Jessup, artistic dir./founder

[Deadline: March 15; finalists will have a staged reading of their plays; presentations late Jan. or first week of Feb.; send SASE for guidelines]

(Special interests: one-page plays)

Love Creek Productions

c/o 162 Nesbit St.

Weehawken, NJ 07087

(212) 714-9686

Cynthia Granville-Callahan, festival literary mgr.

Host of Off-Off-Broadway (Samuel French) Original Short Play Festival

[Also has own festival, the Love Creek One-Act Festival, ongoing throughout the year; submissions accepted as well throughout the year; send SASE for guidelines]

(Special interests: unpublished plays featuring women, especially ages 18-30, in major roles; 40 minutes or less)

Mill Mountain Theatre

1 Market Square SE

Roanoke, VA 24011

Attn: Literary coordinator

(540) 982-0596

Website: www.millmountain.org

[Has a monthly one-act staged reading series, "Centerpieces"; no fee required]

Muse of Fire Theatre Company

Sirens Festival

PO Box 20875

Columbus Circle Station

New York, NY 10023

(212) 397-2757 or (212) 977-9611

Website: www.museoffiretheatreco.org/main/sirens.html

Glenn English & Vivian Paxton, co-artistic dirs.

[Deadline: Feb. 1; application fee: $10; one-act plays, no more than 60 mins., no more than eight characters; include SASE and cover letter on author and play?s development; for more info, visit website or email musevfire@aol.com]

(Special interests: original works by American women only; also accepting other one-act scripts for rest of season)

Off-Off-Broadway Original Short Play Festival

Samuel French

45 W. 25 St.

New York, NY 10010

Attn: Kenneth Dingledine

(212) 206-8990

[Nominations must be made by May 16 by a producing company or organization; no fee; performances begin July 27 at the Chernuchin Theatre at the American Theatre of Actors, NYC]

(Also see Love Creek Productions)

Perishable Theatre

PO Box 23132

Providence, RI 02903

(401) 331-2695

Website: www.aboutwpf.com

Maythinee Washington, festival coordinator

[Deadline: postmarked by Oct. 15; $5 entrance fee; International Women?s Playwriting Festival selects three scripts; accepts only unproduced plays, 10-30 mins. in length, by women playwrights; visit website for additional submission guidelines]

(Special interests: plays by women)

Pittsburgh New Works Festival

231 Race Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Attn: Play Selection Manager

(412) 881-6888

Website: www.pittsburghnewworks.org

Jeff Leonard, festival dir.

[Deadline: April 6; festival takes place in Sept.; $10 submission fee; submit three copies and cover letter; scripts will not be returned; plays must run no longer than 40 mins.; 12 one-acts will be produced; for additional guidelines, visit website]

(Special interests: new one-act plays for both adult and young audiences)

Pulse Ensemble Theatre

Open Pulse Arts Lab

432 W. 42 St.

New York, NY 10036

(212) 695-1596

Website: www.pulseensembletheatre.org

Brian Richardson, prod?r

[Ongoing submissions; no fee; accepts scripts 25 mins. or less in length; include SASE with submission; OPAL held for a week once a month; send inquiries about the OPAL Playwrights? Lab to the above address]

Riant Theatre

Strawberry One-Act Festival

PO Box 1902

New York, NY 10013

Attn: The Strawberry One-Act Festival

(646) 623-3488

Website: www.therianttheatre.com

Van Dirk Fisher, artistic dir.

[Deadline for Winter Festival: Oct. 30; deadline for Summer Festival: April 30; no fee; 30 min. maximum running time; visit the website for an application and complete submission guidelines]

Rocky Mountain Playwrighting Festival

PO Box 1724

Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Email: owenperk@aol.com

Website: members.aol.com/Owenperk/Festival.html

Owen Perkins, executive dir.

[Deadline: usually in May; $5 processing fee; mainly for high school student playwrights; plays are produced professionally; not limited to one-acts; festival held in Telluride, CO; visit website or write for guidelines]

Source Theatre Company

Washington Theatre Festival

1835 14th St. NW

Washington, DC 20009

(202) 462-1073, ext. *814

Website: www.sourcetheatre.com

Keith Parker, literary mgr. and festival dir.

[National deadline: Jan. 15; DC deadline: March 15 (for one-acts), May 15 (for 10-minute plays); nonprofessionally produced scripts only; include synopsis, resume, and letter-sized SASE for response; scripts are not returned; accepts scripts year-round]

Southwest Theatre Association

Contests for plays for young audiences, and full-length and one-act plays for adults

(405) 946-9380

Email: swtajimmyv@theshop.net

Website: www.southwest-theater.com

Jimmy Vaughn, SWTA exec. dir.

National New Play Contest

c/o Dr. David H. Fennema

7311 NW Crestwood Dr.

Lawton, OK 73505-1271

[Deadline: postmarked by March 15; entry fee: $10; unproduced one-act or full-length plays only; no musicals, adaptations, or children?s plays; include one-page synopsis and 100-word-or-less author bio; visit website for additional guidelines or send inquiries to davidf@cameron.edu]

Coleman Jennings Children?s New Script Competition

c/o SWTA

3000 Pershing Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73107

[Deadline: June 1; entry fee: $10; unproduced children?s plays (for child or adult actors) no more than 90 mins. long; include a brief synopsis]

Also, the SWTA Undergraduate and High School One-Act Play Contest; see website for details

Theatre by the Blind

306 W. 18 St.

New York, NY 10011

(212) 243-4337

Email: gar@panix.com

Website: www.tbtb.org

Ike Schambelan, artistic dir.

[Accepts one-acts (no festival); no fee; interested in a variety of themes]

Theatre Rhinoceros

2926 16th St.

San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 552-4100/fax (415) 558-9044

Email: mail@therhino.org

Website: www.therhino.org

Doug Holsclaw, co-artistic dir.

[No fee; submissions must include a one-page synopsis, production history, author?s resume, tape or CD of original music (for musicals), and SASE; see website for additional submission guidelines]

(Special interests: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender work only)

The Theatre-Studio Inc.

750 Eighth Ave., #200

New York, NY 10036

(212) 719-0500

Email: arayche@attglobal.net

Website: www.theatrestudioinc.org

A.M. Raychel, artistic dir./prod?r

[Playtime Series is an ongoing one-act festival; five to 60 min. length; no fee; also holds a bicoastal playwrights? festival from Sept.-Oct.]

Trustus Theatre

PO Box 11721

Columbia, SC 29211

(803) 254-9732/fax (803) 771-9153

Email: trustus@trustus.org

Website: www.trustus.org

John Tuttle, literary mgr.

[Open submissions]

(Special interests: one-acts for Late Night series; performances held quarterly)

Vital Theatre Company

432 W. 42 St., 3rd fl.

New York, NY 10036

Attn: Literary Dept.

(212) 268-2040

Email: scripts@vitaltheatre.org

Website: www.vitaltheatre.org

Stephen Sunderlin, artistic dir.

[Ongoing submissions; no application fee; for submission guidelines, visit website and click on "Get Involved"; Vital Signs New Works Festival is held semiannually; electronic submissions are encouraged?include "Vital Signs Submission" in subject line of email or on outside of envelope]

Voice & Vision

520 Eighth Ave., Suite 308

New York, NY 10018

(212) 268-3717/fax (212) 268-5462

Email: vandv@vandv.org

Jean Wagner, artistic dir.

[Deadline for "Envision," a 14-day retreat at end of July at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY: usually mid-April or first week of May; important to first obtain guidelines for submissions via phone or email (see above); no application fee; decisions made in early June. Also has student theatre intensive; two-week retreat; deadline May 30; college age or post-grads; multidisciplinary; for more info, call above number or email lahutchison@vandv.org]

(Special interests: theatre projects initiated by women; multidisciplinary collaborations; plays for young audiences)

West Coast Ten-Minute Play Contest and Festival

PO Box 18438

Irvine, CA 92623-8438

Website: www.employees.org/~jillkat/upnt.htm

Jill Forbath, artistic dir.

[Deadline: Nov. 1; no fee; no returned scripts; 10-page limit; no more than two entries per playwright; no musicals or children?s plays; see website for additional requirements]

Women?s Project and Productions

Tandem Acts

55 West End Ave.

New York, NY 10023

(212) 765-1706

Website: www.womensproject.org

[Does not accept unsolicited manuscripts; Tandem Acts presents works by members of the Playwrights Lab, admission to which is by invitation only; if interested, send a letter of inquiry, a one-page plot synopsis/character breakdown, and 10 sample dialogue pages to Karen Keagle, literary mgr.]

Word of Mouth

Seth Kramer

Email: wordofmouth@verizon.net

[Ongoing submissions; readings seven months out of the year and summer show; contact for submission details]