4 Series to Binge on This Summer

Photo Source: Mary Cybulski

With warm weather here, the time has come to crank up the AC and binge on these must-see series, from the bloody “The Knick” to the brainy “iZombie.”

“Bob’s Burgers” (Fox)
I first discovered “Bob’s Burgers” after bingeing on a rather different show: the cannibalistic psychodrama “Hannibal.” Cowering under my covers in the dead of night, craving a light-hearted palate cleanse, I pressed play on the acclaimed animated sitcom. The show has been my go-to comic relief ever since; like its predecessor, “The Simpsons,” it can be watched in any order, meaning the lovably pitiful Belcher family is there whenever I need a laugh. Its first-rate cast, led by H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, and especially Dan Mintz—as everyone’s favorite derrière-loving young woman Tina—provides in each installment a master class in zippy comic timing. Plus, any episode featuring Megan Mullally, Aziz Ansari, or Jenny Slate is a winner. —Jack Smart

“iZombie” (The CW)
Nothing will ever take the place of “Veronica Mars,” but “iZombie,” from “VM” creator Rob Thomas, comes pretty damn close. Instead of a high school detective, Rose McIver’s Liv Moore is a zombie medical examiner, whose job allows her easy access to brains—except she then takes on the characteristics of the recently deceased. Unable to ignore the flashes of insight that gray matter affords her, she ends up posing as a psychic and working with the Seattle Police Department to solve crimes, all while hoping to find a cure for her condition. The show is smart and funny, anchored by a terrific performance from McIver, and manages enough propulsive plot momentum to keep you clicking on the next episode. In short, the perfect summer binge. —Mark Peikert

“The Knick” (Cinemax)
On the surface, Steven Soderbergh’s period drama centers on the Knickerbocker Hospital’s irascible head surgeon Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen) and his misguided attempts at a medical breakthrough. But as the first season progressed, “The Knick” went deeper than expected, becoming a visceral, well-informed commentary on how disease, lust, addiction, and ignorance affect the human body. Factor in phenomenal performances from Owen, André Holland, and Eve Hewson; sublime cinematography; and a frenzied contemporary score, and you’ll check yourself into the Knick again and again.—Briana Rodriguez

“Scrotal Recall” (Netflix)
Remember last week when you were browsing Netflix and scoffed at a series called “Scrotal Recall” based on its name alone and kept scrolling? I can’t say that I blame you, but luckily for both of us, I took a risk. And what I found was the most delightful British TV rom-com possibly ever. Following hopeless romantic Dylan (Johnny Flynn) as he contacts his past flames to inform them he has chlamydia, and his friends Evie (Antonia Thomas) and Luke (Daniel Ings), “Scrotal Recall” examines unrequited love and friendship, and had me sobbing at both its emotional ending (which I rewound and rewatched seven times) and its lack of more episodes (there are only six). So friends, scroll back up, press play, laugh, cry, rewind, cry again, hashtag #ScrotalRecall, and let’s get us a second season. —Rebecca Strassberg

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