14 Signs Acting Is Your True Passion

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If you’ve ever tried something different with your life or taken a break from acting, you know that this is what you’re meant to do. Acting is your entire life, what fuels your fire. Scream it from the rooftops!

1. Growing up, you were always the life of the party.

2. Every morning you wake up eager to accomplish your career goals.

3. And you never waste a second. You’re always practicing your craft.

4. You’re constantly updating your website and Backstage talent profile so casting directors can find the most up-to-date info.

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5. You majored in business management or sociology or liberal studies (whatever that means) for a hot second before you realized your heart belongs to the arts.

6. While a lot of people think Times Square is crowded and crazy, you can’t quite explain that warm, fuzzy feeling it gives you.

7. Your favorite holiday? Halloween, duh! The whole world’s your stage on October 31!

8. You never have the best time at sporting events.

9. Watching films about athletes, however…

Well, you could do that all day. (You probably have.)

10. Speaking of sports, awards shows are your Super Bowl.

11. You don’t just watch movies, you learn something from each one.

12. You’ve been known to get slightly defensive about your favorite performances.

13. You can name more casting directors and acting coaches than you can U.S. presidents.

14. But really. Everything aside, not being able to act would be a nightmare.

Now, take this advice, get out there, and ACT!

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