10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Theater

Photo Source: Shutterstock

Are you someone who can’t live without theater? Whose dedication goes above and beyond? If the following apply to you, you’re totally, completely, and happily obsessed with theater!

1. You stop everything you’re doing when tickets for a new show go on sale.

2. You get irrationally angry when people say the theater is boring.

3. You can direct every tourist to whichever theater they’re trying to find…

4. …And then can't help but tell them what you thought of the show they're seeing.

5. You completely freak out when one of your favorite stars is coming to the stage.

6. You’re always annoyed when friends post on Facebook about seeing a show before you.

7. When you meet someone else who’s obsessed with theater, you automatically love them.

8. All you ever want to do is be at the theater…

9. …But when you’re there you can’t handle it.

10. But then you leave and immediately have withdrawal.

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