Presented by Baudebille as part of the New York International Fringe Festival at P.S. 122, 150 First Ave., NYC, Aug. 9-25.

How anyone could not fall madly in love with "Sin-Agog" mystifies me. If you like loopy farces with crazy characters—a farce that delights in the deliriously, gloriously irreverent—you'll surrender to this piece, written and directed by Brian Keyser and Allen Stafford.

The play's creators used a traditional farce structure to create a tale of young people searching for something. For example, The Conflicted Evangelist (Jono Hustis) wants to get his groove on, and uses his Bible study with The Alluring Jesus Freak (Kelly Scanlon) to try and score. The Freak, however, prefers finding a man she can marry, not sleep with, and when it's clear the Evangelist won't wait until nuptials for sex, she briefly considers The Horny Monk (Brian Robinson).

The Horny Monk, however, having recently left his monastery, also wants to worship at the sexual shrine. Rejected by the Freak, he buys a beer at a bar where The Gay Bartender (Steven Blevins) works, and soon meets the Bartender's best friend, The Comic Time Bomb (Carol Todd). In addition to having one-liners for every occasion, she hears her maternal clock ticking and wants someone to father her child. Meantime, the Bartender wants to hook up with the hunky Monk.

The Bartender's roommate, The Vile Nympho (Marie Pastormerlo), spends most of the play having sex with unseen characters. Unfortunately, it's at the expense of housecleaning, and when the Bartender removes her, The Perfect Roommate (Michael Lundy) moves in. He's perfect because he's Jesus Christ.

That's when the fun really began. The actors inhabited their characters so completely that there was never a false note, no matter how wild and—well, farcical—the action became. The roles were perfectly written and the play's construction was so tight that no scene was wasted. The best was the climax of the play when everyone winds up at a club, "Sin-Agog," where Jesus, just by being Jesus, changes them all forever.