How to Sing Without a Nasal Sound

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Summer is coming to a close and one of my favorite things to do here in Los Angeles during the season is go to concerts at the Hollywood Bowl. I love the Bowl for many reasons: hearing amazing music under the stars on a balmy evening with a gourmet picnic and a great glass of wine—there’s not much else that can beat that in my book.

But I’ve also realized that the Bowl actually plays a huge part in what I teach and how I sing, and that makes me love the Hollywood Bowl even more!

You see, so many singers suffer from a brassy or nasal resonance in their sound. But how do you sing without a nasal sound? How do you fix a brassy resonance? You guessed it: the Hollywood Bowl!

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In today’s video, I explain how the Hollywood Bowl can help you sing without a nasal sound and rid your resonance of an overly brassy timbre. The ideas in this video were game-changing when I first learned them, and I’m really excited to share them with you now. You will learn:

  • The single most important body part which effects your timbre the most.
  • How to change the shape of your anatomy to sing without a nasal sound.
  • How chocolate brownies and breathing can change a brassy tone.
  • How to use your ears to maintain an open resonance.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, let me know which insight meant the most to you and why.

Arden Kaywin is a voice teacher in Los Angeles pioneering work with singers in a four-month intensive training that uses mindfulness to eradicate tension and up-level singing technique.

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Arden Kaywin is voice teacher, vocal coach, and vocal producer in Los Angeles with over 10 years experience working with developing singers and nearly 20 years as a professional singer herself. She holds a master’s degree in music and vocal performance from the Manhattan School of Music in NYC, where she studied classical voice and opera.
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