A Branding Expert Answers: Is Social Media Hurting Your Career?

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Q: Is social media hurting or helping me professionally? My nonactor friends are saying it comes off as too much. Thoughts? —neige37

There are two sides to this argument. First, let’s address what you’re posting and how often you’re posting it.

Post info and pictures that give your followers and friends a glimpse into the part of your world they may not be privy to. Some people will be intrigued, some will be jealous, and, inevitably, some will be annoyed. But you can’t worry about what somebody else thinks. Everyone has an opinion and you can’t please every single person who follows you.

That said, we don’t need to see every single minute of every single day, either. If your followers and friends have social media alerts to let them know when a post shows up in their feed, your rapid-fire posting means their phones are blowing up...and not in a good way. This is probably the quickest way to annoy someone, get blocked, or get unfriended.

Now, let’s look at the flip side. Be mindful that you may have acting and/or business associates (CDs, producers, etc.) following you on any given social media platform. Posting party pics with drinks or paraphernalia, or photos of you scantily clad leaves an indelible mark in their memory banks—one you may not be able to correct or erase. Once you click “send,” you can’t take it back.

The bottom line when it comes to engaging on social media is to use your common sense. The internet is forever, and anything you choose to have live there will be there for eternity.

Having a positive presence on social media can create professional opportunities that might not have otherwise been possible. Remember that your nonactor friends are looking through a lens and following rules that are applicable in their lane, not ours.

Social media won’t ruin your career personally or professionally unless you allow it. Be mindful, be smart, and think twice before posting. Don’t let the stroke of a keyboard be the definition of your character with your friends, peers, or constituents.

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