The 19 Steps of Getting New Headshots

Photo Source: Shutterstock

Getting new headshots: It’s something all actors have to do—more than once. The prospect of doing it is pretty exciting, but when it comes down to actually doing it, the process isn’t necessarily as fun, and it can be a long one. There are the 19 steps of getting new headshots.

1. You realize that your shots are looking a bit dated.

2. You ask your friends for suggestions on photographers.

3. After you get a list going, you go online to research how much they will cost, and promptly pass out from shock.

4. When you wake up, you check your account to see how much you can spend.

5. When you realize you’re broke, you start picking up extra shifts and saving money.

6. You finally select a photographer and hope you can bargain with them on the price.

7. When they say no, you book them anyway and get ready for your shoot.

8. You give all the best looks. The over-the-shoulder gaze.

9. The Blue Steel.

10. The over-the-shoulder Blue Steel.

11. The “I am serious and can play an ADA on ‘Law & Order.’ ”

12. The smile with teeth.

13. The smile without teeth.

14. You basically do your best to look like a model.

15. Then you post them all on Facebook and ask your friends to pick which one looks the most like you…and get 20 different answers.

16. You decide to say “screw it” and pick the one you liked in the first place.

17. You send them to the printer and wait for them to come back. It’s like waiting for Santa.

18. Once they arrive you send them out to EVERY casting director you know.

19. And thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to do that again for another two years or 20 lbs., whichever comes first.

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