‘Stranger Things’ Reimagined as an ’80s Sitcom

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Photo Source: Netflix/YouTube

There are few shows with as much buzz right now as Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” The kid star–making series from the Duffer Brothers follows a group of boys—and features tremendous performances from Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, and Gaten Matarazzo—as they search for their missing friend, Will (Noah Schnapp), and encounter runaway science experiment Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in the process.

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The Winona Ryder–starring nostalgia piece harkens back to ’80s classics with references galore and is reminiscent of the moody Stephen King and Steven Spielberg sci-fi era with a touch of John Carpenter and Wes Craven, complete with government conspiracy theories and alien-like creatures.

The internet was of course inspired, and churned out this one-minute intro reimagining “Stranger Things” as a sitcom. The cuts and music are so spot on, it’s almost believable. Watch below!

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