Stuart Gordon 'Re-Animator: The Musical' Interview

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Anyone who claims there's no good theatre in L.A. clearly hasn't been out to see "Re-Animator: The Musical," now in what seems like it's 200th extension at the Steve Allen Theatre. The good people over at Zurvived have an interview with Stuart Gordon, who wrote and directed the musical, based on his 1985 cult film of the same name (minus "The Musical" part, of course.) The interview starts about 15 minutes into the show and takes place on the very set of the musical.

If you haven't seen the film, a brief synopsis: Med student Herbert West develops a serum that can bring back the dead and wacky, bloody complications ensue. And I do mean bloody: the first few rows of the theatre are a designated "splash zone," where audience members will get sprayed down with blood and gore. A helpful hint if you go this route: cover your mouth because you might get some in there, you'll be laughing so hard. After the jump, there's a clip that will give you some idea what you're in for.

Gordon began his career in theatre, working alongside the likes of David Mamet, before making a name for himself with the "Re-Animator" films and movies like "From Beyond" and "Castle Freak," all of which starred the great Jeffrey Combs. Lately, he's been returning to theatre with a vengance, having directed the critically acclaimed "Nevermore," a one-man show starring Combs as Edgar Allen Poe, that is still running. Last year, I had the opportunity to interview them together, and it's amazing that my head didn't explode, since I'm such a fan of both of them and Combs was one of my first movie crushes (which explains a lot about me.)