Don’t Submit Yourself Willy-Nilly and 4 Other Great Tips

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Is your career at a standstill? Our Backstage Experts are full of amazing advice to help move your career forward, and we wouldn’t want you to miss one drop of it. Here are five tips to keep in mind during the week ahead!

Be a generous actor.
“Generosity opens you up—expands your heart and strengthens you. When you give something away, you’re acknowledging that you live in abundance and have more than enough. You’re not losing anything but rather regaining the joy and expansiveness of the truly happy artist. My working actors know that acting at its finest is not about what they are feeling, but about how thy can make others feel and that they are always at their best, happiest, and most effective when they are about something bigger than themselves.” —CRAIG WALLACE

Make sure your reader can act.
“I see a ton of tapes that come from agents for me to review and people sending me their self-tape services to pass along to clients. What I noticed is that everyone is using readers who can’t act, or who are reading like a CD, or are completely overacting. The key is to have a great actor reading opposite you.” —SARA MORNELL

Determine your level of commitment.
“Ask yourself: Do I really want to act? The soul-searching honest answer may be that you are attached to the fantasy more than the reality. Because if the answer to this question is yes, the next question must be, What do I need to do to act? The answer to this is a real reality check. Are you willing to prioritize the work that is required to become excellent; work in any way possible to support that process; make the personal sacrifices necessary; and remove all obstacles with a fully committed spirit? Because if you aren’t, you might be attached to the idea of acting—not the reality.” —JOANNE BARON

Don’t pay to play.
“Without a producing credit, the actors have no authority over the script, over the direction, over the editing, or over the final product. And, yet, the actors are the ones making the production financially possible. For that reason, I think that this practice of charging actors is deplorable.” —ERIN CRONICAN

Don’t submit yourself for roles willy-nilly!
“Auditioning is not a numbers game. It’s a game of skill in which only the best fit for the role books the job. Nobody has the skill or essence to play everything, so why submit for everything if you are only right for some things? The jobs you book are the ones you are right for. You probably know what you are right for, so why submit for roles you ain’t?” —DAVID PATRICK GREEN

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