Susie Farris Begins Casting ’90s Flick ‘Tremors’ for Syfy

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This sci-fi crowd-pleaser about giant vibration-enraged worms in the desert is burrowing its way into present day for a shot at television. Syfy recently picked up the pilot that will revive the franchise with the film’s original lead, Kevin Bacon, 25 years after the enormous worms destroyed the small town of Perfection, Nevada. Susie Farris Casting is on deck to flesh out the rest of the cast on the project. While Bacon is being brought back for the series’ first episode, it’s unclear if other actors who starred in the movie, such as Fred Ward, Michael Gross, or Reba McEntire, will play any role in the project. The production is still in its infancy but cameras are expected to start rolling in late summer. New Mexico will host the project when it begins shooting.

“Brian Banks”
Those well-versed in the pigskin pastime of football may remember the controversy surrounding this project’s titular athlete. The film will tell the story of Brian Banks, who went from highly sought-after high school player to convicted rapist. With the help of the California Innocence Project, his conviction was overturned 10 years later, and he proved the original accusations to be entirely fabricated. Banks, who went on to live out his NFL dreams and join the Atlanta Falcons, had secretly taped the alleged victim recanting her entire story and admitting to ulterior financial motives. The project, which will tell Banks’ pursuit of justice, is currently casting with Leah Daniels-Butler. Butler’s brother, Lee Daniels, was originally slated to direct the project, but has since been replaced by Tom Shadyac. No actors are currently attached to the film. Production will begin in September in Memphis, Tennessee.

“Trial by Fire”
Shia LaBeouf and Laura Dern are about to have a “Trial by Fire.” The duo is teaming up for a project about the real-life trial and execution of Cameron Todd Willingham, a man accused of setting a fire that killed his three children. The added layer of controversy surrounding the case comes to light when it’s discovered that suppression of evidence could have proved Willingham’s innocence. Vickie Thomas is casting the project that currently includes only LaBeouf and Dern. Production is set to begin this September in Atlanta.

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