Telsey + Company to Seek Cast for Upcoming ‘Mean Girls’ Musical

Photo Source: Courtesy Paramount Pictures

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“Mean Girls”
While “fetch” may not have caught on the way Gretchen Weiners had hoped, “Mean Girls” has reached “cult classic” status for many a millennial. Now, the stage world is set to embrace the teen comedy. That’s right, the pink-laden Plastics are gearing up to hit the high notes for the Broadway-bound musical adaption of Tina Fey’s 2004 film. Regina, Karen, Gretchen, and Cady are all headed to their world premiere at the National Theatre in Washington D.C., before moving to the Great White Way in 2018. The production will be firmly rooted in the life of a teen girl who having spent most of her childhood in the wilds of Africa, is thrust into the cliquey waters of an Illinois high school. Social hierarchy and lunchroom politics plague the teen as she desperately tries to fit in with the cool kids. Telsey + Company will handle casting for the musical set to feature a book by Fey and music by her husband Jeff Richmond. Tony winner Casey Nicholaw will direct and choreograph. The production will run in Washington D.C., from late October to early December before moving to New York City. You go, Glen Coco!

“The Shitheads”
Be careful where you say the title of the next film because “The Shitheads” are about to go mainstream. The film, which is sticking with the R-rated title for the time being, will follow two woefully unqualified guys who are tasked with transporting and delivering a troubled hotshot teen millionaire to a rehab facility. The project from writer-director Macon Blair will begin filming in the early fall of this year. While casting is underway with Mark Bennett, Tracy Morgan and Luke Wilson are already attached to star in the film as the above-mentioned slackers. Additional casting announcements are expected as the film rolls into Atlanta to begin production in September.

“Playmobil: Robbers, Thieves & Rebels”
The toys are coming to life! But it’s not Woody or Buzz Lightyear taking on the adventure this time, but the classic “Playmobil” people. The company with toy sets that feature a plethora of characters—movie and mythical—is looking to create their own animated empire. With the popularity of the “Lego Movie” and other kid-oriented toy brands turned silver-screen features, it’s no wonder the companies are leaping into Hollywood. The animated film will follow an orphaned sister and brother who are transported to a magical world full of pirates, aliens, and emperors, which are all based on the brother’s Playmobil toys. While no actors are currently attached to the Betty Mae–cast film, “Frozen” head of animation Lino Di Salvo is onboard to direct the project. Production will start in October of this year in Montreal.

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