THEATRE GUIDE 2003 - The 99-Seat Plan

Use of the 99-Seat Plan is allowed at approved spaces in Los Angeles County (see list of rental spaces). This plan provides minimum guidelines for union actors to perform in a production without the benefit of a contract. The number of performances is limited to 80.

Conditions include:

1. Rehearsal hours. The rehearsal period shall not exceed eight consecutive weeks. Actors are limited to eight hours of rehearsal a day up to a maximum of 36 hours per week. After the official press opening or after six performances, an actor's obligation for pickup and/or understudy rehearsals is limited to 20 hours in a four-week period.

Rehearsals on non-performance days are limited to three hours and actors must have given prior consent.

2. Breaks. Actors may not rehearse more than five consecutive hours without a one-hour meal break. The penalty for not observing the meal break will be one performance reimbursement for every overtime hour or portion thereof.

3. Comp tickets. For theatres with 1-59 seats, each actor must receive two personal comps for each four-week period. For theatres with 60-99 seats, each actor must receive four personal comps for each four-week period. A producer is not required to schedule more than six comps for any one performance.

4. Expense reimbursement. Actors are to be reimbursed beginning with the first paid public performance. Within one week of the end of a performance week, all productions must mail a weekly box office statement to Equity (using a form provided by Equity) showing both daily and weekly receipts. Productions that include tickets sold by subscription must apply a pro-rated amount to the weekly box office receipts. The playing week ends on Sunday. Reimbursements to actors are guaranteed at $5 minimum and shall be made weekly prior to or on Friday of each week. Weekly reimbursements are as follows:

Category A:

60-99 seats or any theatre with ticket price more than $15

Weeks 1-4 $7.00

Weeks 5-8 $10.00

Weeks 9-12 $15.00

Weeks 13+ $15.00 (against15% of box, divided among cast)

Category B:

1-59 seats with ticket price $15 or less

Weeks 1-4 $5.00

Weeks 5-8 $8.00

Weeks 9-12 $11.00

Weeks 13+ $15.00 (against15% of box, divided among cast)

Note: All fees are against 15 percent of box office, divided among cast.

A complete copy of the plan's rules and regulations appears in the Oct. 14, 1999 issue of Back Stage West and can also be obtained from the Los Angeles Equity office. For specific questions or to register a production with Equity, contact Michael Van Duzer at (323) 634-1750.