11 Things Actors Can Do to Make 2016 Their Year

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As you reflect on 2015, consider what you did well and what you didn’t get around to. Here are 11 things you should make sure you do in 2016!

Get in class. Just like an athlete, you can’t ever stop training. Dance, voice, or acting—you should be working on your craft every day.

Take a step back and realize that you matter and have something to offer. Your artistic input is valuable and you should not be afraid to have an opinion.

Get healthy. Whatever that means to you. Maybe it’s six-pack abs or maybe it’s quitting smoking. Start treating your body with the respect it deserves.

Find some new audition material that challenges you. It’s great to have your old go-to material, but go into the room with something that actually excites you…or even better, scares you.

Get your finances in order. Make a budget. Find out where you are burning money that you can use to start saving.

Start a retirement account. Take that newly budgeted money and start saving for your future. Just because you’re an actor, doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about retirement. Even a small amount can turn into a lot of money over the years.

Remember that you are a business owner—the product you sell just happens to be you. Be an artist when you get the job; be a businessperson while you look for it.

Refresh your materials. Update your résumé, headshot, and website. No business can use the same old advertising materials and catch anyone’s interest.

Go see more theater. Some will be good, some will be bad, but all of it will be a learning experience.

Find hobbies and interests that excite you outside of acting. It will only make you a more interesting performer.

Recognize that not being cast is not personal. It doesn’t mean that you were not talented enough for the role, it just means you were not the correct puzzle piece to complete their project. Someone is going to need you to complete their puzzle very soon.

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