14 Things Actors Wish Non-Actors Understood

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Face it, actors are a special breed. There are certain commonalities only actors understand, certain bonds only actors share.

Whether they’re your friends from college who went down different paths, your cousins, survival job coworkers, or anyone in between, non-actors don’t understand certain aspects of your profession.

Can you relate to the following?

1. Of course I want to come to the bar tonight, but I have two auditions and rehearsal in the morning so it’s just not gonna happen.

2. I really do want to come to your birthday dinner, but I have to take a second shift at work just to pay for my acting classes…again.

3. No, you can’t take my headshots for me, but thank you for the offer.

4. OK, so you haven’t seen me on TV yet. That doesn’t mean I’m not successful!

5. Acting is not just reading lines.

6. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

7. I can’t just waltz into any audition room I feel like.

8. If I ask you to be my reader, it’s because you’re the only person I trust to not completely screw it up.

9. Love scenes aren’t even remotely romantic.

10. Plays and musicals are very different.

11. I know it looks like I’m talking to myself, but I have this audition tomorrow morning and I just really need to get the lines down.

12. Everything takes rehearsal. Lots of it.

13. I promise I’m paying attention to the movie. It’s just that I’m paying more attention to the acting than the plot.

14. Through all the ups and downs, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

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