11 Things Every Actor Loves to Hear

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Whether it’s a compliment, or just a few little words that make your day, some things are just extra meaningful to an actor.

1.“That was you? I didn’t even recognize you.” It’s always exciting when someone has seen a show you were in. It’s even better when you were so good, they don’t even recognize you.

2.“Why don’t you just come to callbacks.” Everyone loves having a fan of their work, so when it’s someone that can give you a job and doesn’t make you come to the open call…even better!

3.“This train is going express.” Yes, this is unique to NYC actors, but nothing is better than when you’re running late for an audition and your train decides to run express. It’s like winning the lotto.

4.“You look GOOD.” This is a business of looks, and it is great to know all that hard work at the gym is paying off.

5. “Ugh. I wish I had the guts to do what you do.” Most people would love to be an actor, but very few have the guts to try and actually do it.

6. “I can cover your shift.” Those really big auditions usually come out of the blue, with a hurried phone call from your agent. It’s great when you don’t have to choose between the audition and your survival job.

7.“I could hear you from outside the audition room and you nailed that song!” Because there’s really nothing quite like peer validation.

8.“That was FIERCE!” And even better than peer validation is overly dramatic peer validation!

9.“The producer is paying for drinks.” They are paying you union minimum, the least they can do is throw a glass of Chardonnay your way after a long day of rehearsal.

10.“They are re-airing your commercial for another six months.” Cha-ching!

11.“You booked the role!” Because there are no sweeter words in the English language.

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