23 Things You Learn Doing Summer Stock

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As summer stock comes to a close, it's time to reflect on what you've learned--and what you'll never do again.

1. When the job offer first comes, it is magical.

2. You get a lot of satisfaction in posting on Audition Update that offers went out.

3. Packing for an entire summer is not always the easiest thing.

4. Your roommate for the summer might be a little…um…strange.

5. The first day of rehearsals is really exciting.

6. But by the last day of tech rehearsal, you are a little over it.

7. The straight guy in the cast will waste absolutely no time.

8. You may not always agree with the casting choices.

9. And the costume budget is not always the greatest.

10. But the parties are no joke.

11. And they will definitely produce some scandalous gossip.

12. You will fanaticize about how good the food is back in New York.

13. If you have a significant other back home, it can get a little lonely.

14. Eventually, you will do the math on how many hours you work for your salary and feel underpaid.

15. If it is outdoor drama, the script is not always culturally sensitive.

16. When your boyfriend or girlfriend comes to visit, they will leave way to fast.

17. The best part of your parents coming to see the show is when they take you out to dinner.

18. The repertory schedule can get pretty exhausting.

19. But at the end of the day, it is awesome to get paid to do what you love.

20. Even if it feels like you are poorer at the end of the summer.

21. You are never prepared for how sad you are when the season is over.

22. But you made some great new friends who just might help you land your next gig.

23. But for now, there is no time to waste. You have a dance call in the morning.