Bummed That ‘This Is Us’ Is Ending? Audition for These NBC + Family-Centric Gigs

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The hit NBC series “This Is Us” has captured the hearts of fans around the world. The show follows the Pearson family through the years and can just as easily bring viewers to tears as it can make them smile. After six seasons, the award-winning show, unfortunately, will come to an end. But that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t other projects to check out. Have you always wanted to be part of a show like “This Is Us”? Fans should apply to these NBC and family-centric gigs.

“An ‘Arabian’ Family

This short film is about an Arabian boy who’s confused about his identity because of his father’s accent needs talent. The production team needs one male talent, aged 35-40, a younger male talent, aged 11, a female talent, aged 35-40, and two more talents. Shoots early Jan. in New York. A professional pay is offered.

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“Brake Light Chasing”

“Brake Light Chasing” is a family drama centered around Enen, a young male who nurtures his family. However, when Enen suddenly needs to be taken care of himself, he loses his purpose. Casting three male characters, one aged 18-28, another aged 18-27, and the third aged 35-70. Also looking for a sound recordist. Starts production February 24-27 in Long Island, NY. Offers a stipend depending on role. Travel and meals included.

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“Consider With Reservations”

“Consider With Reservations” is a typical family drama about a troubled teenager, his immigrant parents, and his dying sister. Two male talents, aged 14-18, a female talent, aged 35-65, and more supporting characters are all open for auditions. Films in February in the LA area. Pays nothing, but other accommodations are covered.

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Live out your musical talents by starring in this short film about a family of musicians. Roles include a female performer, aged 30-45, and a second female performer, aged 18-25. Rehearses for two days at a TBD date in Central London, and shoots at a TBD date around the same area. Offers a flat rate of $100. 

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“Beautiful Drama”

“Beautiful Drama” is a family drama filled with grief and nightmare. When a father loses his daughter, he experiences strange sleepwalking nights. One male actor, aged 30-40, one female actor, aged 30-40, a young female actor, aged 6-8, and more roles are all needed. Shoots next January and February in Florida. There is no pay, but extra expenses are covered.

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