Three Actors Sit Down with 'Frost/Nixon'

Sam Rockwell, Toby Jones and Matthew Macfadyen are coming on board "Frost/Nixon," director Ron Howard's adaptation of the hit play.

The project is based on a series of televised interviews that President Nixon granted David Frost in 1977 and that ended with a tacit admission of guilt regarding his role in the Watergate scandal. Frank Langella and Michael Sheen are reprising their Broadway roles as Nixon and Frost, respectively.

Rockwell ("Confessions of a Dangerous Mind") is playing award-winning journalist James Reston Jr., the head researcher who helps Frost prep for the interviews.

Jones ("Infamous") will portray legendary Hollywood dealmaker Swifty Lazar, who negotiates the deal with Frost on behalf of Nixon.

Macfadyen ("Pride & Prejudice") plays John Burt, a journalist for a weekly British television show.

Shooting will begin in late summer. Universal Pictures will distribute.


Borys Kit and Tatiana Siegel write for The Hollywood Reporter.

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