How to Give a Tony-nominated Performance Like Gideon Glick

WATCH: Tony nominee Gideon Glick offers his best advice

Video Source: Youtube

So just how do you become a Tony-nominated actor? Well, we’ll tell you one thing: It doesn’t happen overnight. Look to any of this year’s nominees, and they’ve put in years of craft study, work, and stage performance before making it to accolades on the Great White Way. Such is certainly the case for Gideon Glick, a longtime actor who received his first nomination this year for playing Dill in Aaron Sorkin’s rendering of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

In the above Backstage Live video, Glick deep dives into his experiences with the classic source material, discusses how he manages the grueling schedule of a Broadway show, and provides his best acting and audition advice for performers everywhere.

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