Embracing Your Eccentricities in Acting Could Lead to a Tony Award

WATCH: Tony nominee Gideon Glick on authenticity and self-love

Video Source: Youtube

Gideon Glick has quite the formidable career in New York theater, including Broadway runs in the original casts of “Spring Awakening,” “Significant Other,” and now “To Kill a Mockingbird,” for which he is nominated for a Tony Award this year. Such a career would not have been possible, however, if he hadn’t learned to embrace qualities that make him authentic and singular from other actors. “I was told, ‘You have to change your mannerisms, you have to change your voice,’ and still I’m hitting up against it,” he recalls in the above Backstage Live interview. “But then there come these parts that you assume, and it’s almost like nobody else can do them.” Watch above to find out how his approach to being authentic as an actor and how censoring yourself in the audition room can be a detriment to your work.

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