U.K. Casting: Play a Lead or Supporting Role in Gaming Mockumentary ‘Return of the Golden Eye’

Photo Source: Unsplash courtesy John Sting

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“Return of the Golden Eye”

The team behind mockumentary “Going for Golden Eye” is preparing to shoot a sequel, “Return of the Golden Eye.” This “ ‘Spinal Tap’ for gaming” is looking to fill six character roles for male actors.

There are three roles for white male talent. Phil Fingerly is for talent, aged 40–60. He’s a scruffy Mancunian with the accent to match.

Pierce is a role for talent, aged 20–37. He’s in awe of his brother, the world champion gamer, and has awful hair and clothes but a heart of gold.

Hugh, for an actor, aged 17–40, is the older brother of the infamous gaming champion. He’s innocent bordering on clueless and socially awkward. The team is looking for truly eccentric performers with a talent for comic timing.

The Commentator will be played by a male actor, aged 25–44. He’s a games nerd through and through.

Characters Wayne and Martin are for male actors, aged 27–38 and 40 years old, respectively. They are part of a rival gang of nerds. Great comic ability is needed as well as convincing lisps.

The team is also looking for a male, aged 35–49, for Kelvin’s Dad as well as a female, aged 34–43, for Kelvin’s Mum.

“Return of the Golden Eye” rehearses and shoots this autumn in West Yorkshire. Pay is TBD and accommodation will be covered if required.

Head over to the casting notice for more information and details on how to apply.

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