Voiceover Conferences Are an Integral Part of a Successful Career

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This week on the VO School Podcast we are talking about voiceover conferences!

Working as a voice actor can be a lonely profession, especially if you work predominantly from home. One way to get out of your booth and meet your peers, agents, producers, and coaches is to go to one of the many voiceover conferences that take place around the world each year.

What exactly is a VO conference? Why should you attend? What can you leave with that you didn’t have when you arrived? How do you choose which conference to attend? And how can you make the most of the connections that you make?

Joining me this week are Gerald Griffith, founder and CEO of VO Atlanta, the biggest voiceover conference in the world. And Dave Courvoisier, voice actor, Emmy Award winner and president of World Voices Organization and the WOVO Conference. We take a peek behind the curtain at the planning of a major voiceover conference to learn how much work is involved in the preparation and oversight of such a major event.

Jamie Muffett is a British voice actor, audio engineer, and filmmaker based in NYC. His voice clients include Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, and National Geographic. For more information, visit www.jamiemuffett.com.

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Jamie Muffett
Jamie Muffett is a British voice actor and podcast producer based in Philadelphia. Jamie is best known for playing Thatcher in “Rainbow Six Siege” and has voiced for clients including NBC, ESPN, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, and National Geographic. He also produces Backstage’s “In The Envelope” podcast. For more information: JamieMuffettVO.com.
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