WATCH: How to Audition For a ’70s Folk Rock Musical

Photo Source: YouTube
Want to know the difference between “Hairspray” and “Hair”? What about how the Vietnam war had an impact on musical theater? Rock musical audition expert Sheri Sanders of Rock the Audition will walk you through the great artists to sing and why their songs are perfect for auditions for shows like “Godspell,” “Pippin,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Tommy,” and “Rocky Horror”!

Sheri Sanders is the founder of Rock the Audition and master teacher who is bridging the gap between popular music and musical theater. She’s been to 60 musical theater programs in the last five years and last year, she created Rock The Audition Online, a web universe where teachers and their students, and professional musical theater performers can study with Sheri no matter where they live! For more content on how to rock the audition, follow Sheri on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. For information on working with Sheri visit For more information, check out Sanders’ full bio!

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