WATCH: Audrey Tautou's Star-Making Audition for “Amélie”

Photo Source: YouTube

Ask any 10 people what their favorite movie is, and at least five will probably say “Amélie.” Jean Pierre Jeunet’s whimsical 2001 romantic comedy about a lonely Parisian waitress who plays guardian angel in the lives of strangers quickly became—and remains to this day—a cult favorite for misfits everywhere.

Jeunet originally wrote the role for English actor Emily Watson but rewrote it for a French actress due to scheduling conflicts and Watson’s difficulty speaking the language. Audrey Tautou was already an up-and-comer in her native France, but her role as the titular heroine was her springboard to international stardom.

Even without subtitles, it's easy to see Tautou's exceptional ability to communicate with her eyes and through body language. Also notable is her use of an actual phone as a prop. Before she went on to charm audiences, Tautou had clearly won over her auditioners, whose laughs can be heard off-screen. Watch her star-making audition for yourself below.

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