WATCH: Elijah Wood’s Seriously Cheesy ’90s Commercial

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Photo Source: YouTube

Elijah Wood earned his place in movie history as Frodo Baggins, the reluctant hobbit hero of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. But before he vanquished the dark lord Sauron, Wood was the face of a much simpler, yet no less timeless, battle: that between kids and their veggies.

Though the blockbuster trilogy catapulted him to international stardom, Wood had already achieved success as a child star in both family films (like 1996’s “Flipper”) and critically acclaimed dramas (Ang Lee’s “The Ice Storm.”) No doubt his star quality was evident from day one, but his frequent presence in commercials also likely helped the young actor catch the industry's eye.

In this 1990 commercial, the fittingly baby-faced Wood's earnest enthusiasm and boyish charm are on full display as he helps America’s Dairy Farmers convince kids that broccoli isn’t so bad: all it needs is a bit of cheese.

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