WATCH: 10 Exciting New Series From Fox

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It’s that time of year again! Television networks are bidding farewell to certain series and welcoming new ones into the fold. Among them is Fox, which will not be giving “Bordertown,” “Grandfathered,” “The Grinder,” “Minority Report,” and “Second Chance,” well, a second chance. However, a crop of promising series have been announced, and with them several newly released promotional trailers.

In addition to the shows listed below, Fox will air a highly anticipated remake of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” starring Laverne Cox come Halloween, as well as a new installment of “Prison Break,” which ran on the network 2005–2009. Check out Fox’s new series offerings for the 2016–17 television season!

“24: Legacy”
A reboot rather than a sequel, “24: Legacy” reinvents the original real-time drama “24” in part by getting rid of Jack Bauer. Instead Corey Hawkins, best known for his role in “The Walking Dead,” takes the lead as agent Eric Carter, tasked with preventing a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Co-stars include the talented Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smitts. The clock is ticking.

Giving the police procedural drama an injection of high-tech modernity, “APB” centers on an eccentric billionaire embroiled in conflict after witnessing a violent crime. Allegedly inspired by real-life events, the series will star Justin Kirk and several others.

“The Exorcist”
Get ready to be possessed by this show. Almost half a century after the original film, this serialized version of “The Exorcist” will star the one and only Geena Davis as the nightmare-afflicted mother of a demonic girl. Two very different priests, played by Alfonso Herrera and Ben Daniels, will take on the spooky case.

“Lethal Weapon”
Another reboot of a classic movie, this version of “Lethal Weapon” features Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans in the roles originated by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, respectively. Expect awesome action, thrills, and the occasional wisecrack in this promising new show.

“Making History”
If you had a time-traveling duffel bag, wouldn’t you spend weekends checking out the American Revolution? That’s exactly what Adam Pally’s character does in this hilarious new time-jumping comedy. Also starring Leighton Meester and Yassir Lester, “Making History” looks like a rollicking good time.

“The Mick”
How funny is Kaitlin Olson in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”? Now the actor is getting a chance to take the lead in the hysterical “The Mick,” where she plays an aunt from hell suddenly charged with babysitting her criminal sister’s very rich children. Mayhem and madness—and impeccable physical comedy from Olson—ensue.

In association with Major League Baseball, Fox is presenting the fictional account of a woman whose baseball skills get her in with the pros. Ginny Baker, as played by Kylie Bunbury, makes the inspirational, improbable journey to the men’s club that is the MLB, all while undergoing the national media scrutiny that comes with sudden fame. Michael Beach, Ali Larter, Mo McRae, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar co-star.

“Shots Fired”
Our criminal justice system gets a sobering new look in this 10-part series from Reggie and Gina Prince-Bythewood of “Beyond the Lights.” Following a black police officer’s shooting of an unarmed white man, two detectives, played by Sanaa Lathan and Stephan James, uncover several racially charged secrets in a North Carolina town. Co-starring Helen Hunt and Richard Dreyfuss, the series will ask uncomfortable questions about real-life, all-too-recent events.

“Son of Zorn”
There aren’t many series out there featuring both live-action and animated characters together. Count “Son of Zorn,” starring Jason Sudeikis as the titular cartoon superhero warrior, a delicious rarity.

Last but certainly not least, Lee Daniels follows up on his hit drama “Empire” with a new series about three talented singers heading to Atlanta’s music scene to face all odds. Don’t miss Queen Latifah and Lenny Kravitz in supporting roles in this inspirational new music drama!

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