WATCH: Vivian Vance of ‘I Love Lucy’ Loves Jell-O Pudding in This Commercial From the ’60s

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Photo Source: YouTube

For years, Vivian Vance gave audiences plenty of reasons to chuckle, delivering spoonfuls of comedy as Ethel, Lucy’s sensible sidekick on “I Love Lucy.”

In this commercial for Jell-O, Vance sits down with some younger friends to enjoy butterscotch-flavored pudding. Vance explains how much she loves Jell-O, but she raises some eyebrows with her old-fashioned expressions. She goes on to explain that the tasty treat is “the cat’s pajamas” and “the bee’s knees.” Her friends get the gist and immediately chime in with adjectives of their own.

Translation? According to Vance, Jell-O tastes great no matter what words you use to describe it.

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